JEROLD PANAS is Executive Partner of Jerold Panas, Linzy & Partners—and co-founder of The Institute for Charitable Giving.

JPL&P is one of the leading firms in the field of campaign services and financial resource development. We partner with organizations to set, meet, and exceed their fundraising objectives. Since its founding in 1968, the firm has guided over 3,800 charitable institutions to fundraising success.

Our partnership of men and women is deeply experienced in every aspect of fundraising and leadership.

We believe we have a consequential role in working with important organizations in our society. Our objective is to make a better society. We will either find a way or make one.

The Institute for Charitable Giving is the teaching center for Jerold Panas, Linzy and Partners. The Institute celebrates 26 years as one of the premier coaching and mentoring centers for fundraisers in the country with over 10,000 alumni.

Seminars for Fundraising Professionals
The Institute for Charitable Giving is considered one of the premier
coaching centers in the country. Its Seminars have consistently been
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Through his teaching and his writing, Jerold Panas is a force in the field of philanthropy.

Here are some of his best insights:

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Jerold Panas shares some lessons he's learned in his richly rewarding 40-year journey in fundraising. [Updated regularly]

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Five Factors to Ensure Your Organization's Future
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Recognition Counts Too
Offer your donors recognition, good stewardship and applause and they can be yours for life

The Catalyst for Giving
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Show Them You Love Them
The Ten Fail-Proof Rules To Winning The Next Gift

The Top Four Questions – and Answers – About Endowments
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I've Left You Something in My Will
Should donors verify their bequests?

It's not enough to maintain the status quo

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